The proper lighting arrangement not only helps your home to have enough light but also helps your interior space become more luxurious and cozy.

In addition, the appropriate arrangement of lights also helps your family’s health better. Here is some basic knowledge about indoor lighting.

Basic Knowledge Indoor Lamp Layout
Basic Knowledge Indoor Lamp Layout

#1. Choice of lights for tight spaces

Using narrow slit lights (drop slots, wall slots, will bring better lighting efficiency and create more space for the house.

This is especially suitable for ceilings higher than 2.5 m. Can use led strip lights or T5 tube LEDs

2. Use multiple layers of lighting

Coordinate many different layers of light in each room such as LED ceiling lights, led strip lights, chandeliers, drop lights, wall lights … to widen your space.

3. Create accents with led spotlights

Using small capacity spotlights such as led searchlights, led track lights, lit lights … help create a highlight for space.

Take care not to use spotlights on the TV.

4. Eliminate dark corners for the room:

Place floor lights, or led spotlights behind the pots of plants and scenery to eliminate dark corners for the house. This helps your home feng shui better.

5. Using spotlights must be in the correct place:

When using ceiling lights, or LED spotlights for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, lamps must be arranged so that the light is evenly distributed among the rooms.

6. Choose the right color temperature:

Yellow light is suitable for a relaxing space, white light is suitable for the working space. It is recommended to use both types of light in combination.

7. Create a cozy atmosphere for the dining table

Use drop lights in the dining area to create a cozy atmosphere. But note that the drop lights should not be too low, causing the opposite two people not to see each other.

8. Take advantage of vertical light

Use wall clusters for vertical or tubular lighting for areas where ceiling heights are lower than 2.2 m for a taller feel.

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