Laokoon is a compilation of the unconventional inner strength of assorted colours, textile, thread and structure. It is a fabric art that continuously breaks away from the austere, incessantly discovering and probing new organic forms and curves.

Open Platform

As Laokoon can be styled in its implicit naturalness, it has the power to metamorphose its creator, transforming his/her concepts. Inspiring, it becomes an equal part of the creation itself, until it arrives at that dynamic balance it is comfortable with. Therefore its application resembles a rather deeper unity.

This year our platform will be open to interior designers and designers. We offer grounds that could embrace every solitary corner, unfilled space, weightless, gaping unadorned surface. Our job is to introduce the textile and the designer and let them create together.

Laokoon is more than shapeable: it forms a union with the user’s desires and its own formless structure. The composition begins with the crafting of the textile, and its final form is completed by the material’s character and the beholder’s visualization. This dialogue makes Laokoon into an open platform.

Fills the space

Like all true personalities, it is incapable of bare existence in its given space. It fills it, again and again defines its environment, until they form a comforting synergy together.

The Team

We have been working with Laokoon for the past three years and sufficient time has passed for us to realise that it can never be truly grasped. In it we discovered a creative and unrestrained partner. We witnessed its organic development, its quest, that brings closer the designer, the textile and the client.

This process is induced by an exclusively delegated designer team for each project. They are those who through their daily contact already experienced the textile’s needs and tempers, who with minimal compromise are able to adjust the final masterpiece to a given technical fittingness.

Zsuzsanna Szentirmai-Joly

A believer of versatility and diversity of form, the creator of Laokoon. Since she began her textile design studies, she always envisioned a constantly renewing texture that equals an organic form.

Zsolt Pyka
lead designer

Artist and inventor, an examiner of possibilities that lay within Laokoon. He searches how far the creative imagination can stretch before it arrives at the barriers of reality. If needed he pushes away these walls.


Its textile is not only pleasing to the eye but it demands to be touched. Only then its flexibility along with its strength and endurance come to light.


Every inch of Laokoon is handmade and tailored specifically to the needs of the project and its creator. Be it made of cork, plastic, tiny or larger lamella, its colour, flexibility, inner cohesion are all unique, so in reality they result in endless variations. Whether it can compete with the richness of nature’s colours and shapes is only influenced by the users and their imagination.

As the client enters the process of creation, by using a palette of possible forms, he/she can experience the most inspiring combination that can come to life through his/her hands.

reacts to light

Unable to remain within two dimensions, it always gets in the way of light. It invokes the mood of the ever drifting sunrays, the static lighting is able to transform it as complexion alters a female face.


As every inch of the surface is unique, so is its usage. It naturally fulfills the role of a suspended ceiling, a corner or a wall piece, or even a design element filling the empty space. This, it does through playing with the user, without rules carved in stone and the only condition being the willingness to experiment.

I designed Laokoon to fill the space by exposing its organic forms and beauty. It may fulfill the role of a suspended ceiling, a corner or a wall piece, or even a design element filling the empty space. This, it does through playing with the user, without rules carved in stone and with the only condition being the willingness to experiment.

“My dream has always been that Laokoon becomes a dialogue of design. It is all about interaction: vision vs. material, action vs. reaction. I approach design with the intention to trigger visual pleasure both on micro and macro levels. I want to display a delicate and precise design for those who are looking at Laokoon from a close distance, and I want to dazzle those who are standing further away.” - Zsuzsa Szentirmai-Joly

Perpetual motion

Destined to endless motion. Varying repetition of its contours keeps it incessantly flowing, the inner energy of its textile compels it to forcefully break out of its plateau.

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